Monday, February 1, 2016

Married Monday: Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Husabnds

Valentine's Day is getting close and if you are like me you are trying to think of a great gift for your husband. I love buying and giving gifts, the happiness on their face and their genuine appreciation makes me so happy.

Hubby is my favorite person to buy for but sometimes it is hard to think of a great idea. Especially when he can't even think of anything he wants. That is when it is time to get creative. If he doesn't need any essentials and has everything he's been wanting then it's time to look for fun gifts.

Valentine's Day we don't normally do big gifts. Instead, we spend time together, have a nice meal, and maybe exchange something small. So I started to make a list of fun, simple gifts that are perfect for husbands.

  • Love notes- Get romatic and leave him sweet notes to find throughout the day.
  • Coupons- Create some fun coupons for massages, favorite food items, a chore free day etc. I did this for Christmas and it was a big hit.
  • Food- food is one of our love languages. It really works for most any occasion. A favorite dessert, a meal all about him, or even a surprise of his favorite fast food item.
  • Create your own 6-pack, or drink pack- For those who like trying different things many liquor stores have a spot you can mix and match to create your own set. I think this is a fun gift that you can customize to what he likes or choose ones that have a meaning to the two of you.
  • Personalized key chain- This one sounds a bit lame but there are some fun keychains out there that fit so many personalities. I love having a couple key chains to switch out.
  • Coffee mug- Design your own using Sharpies and bake the mug or pick a cute one out. Pinterest has a lot of cute options.
  • 52 reasons I love you- I love the idea of getting a card deck and writing one reason you love him on it.
  • Luggage tags- going for vacation this summer wouldn't it be great to have personalized luggage tags so he can find his easily.
  • A simple sweet card- sometimes simple is the best way to go. Purchase a sweet card write a little I love you note and you are set.
  • A movie night bucket- get a new movie he's been wanting to see, popcorn, candy and a note saying you will watch it with him. Doubles as a date and gift, perfect
There you have it 10 simple inexpensive ideas to gift your husband for Valentine's day. For us at least, Valentine's day is more about the thought and togetherness then gifts. I rather spend an evening enjoying a home cooked dinner together then a big extravagant gift any day. How do you like to spend valentines with your husband? I would love to hear from you.


  1. Tell more about sharpies and baking the mug!
    Love notes is our go-to, but . . .

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