Behind Married and Hungry

   Hey there! I’m Renee Birchfield the voice behind Married and Hungry. 

   I was raised in Springdale, Arkansas and am an Arkansas girl through and through.  I have one lovely sister who goes to school in New York, she decided to go be a Yankee lol. I met my now husband (known on here as Hubby) in high school, it was the last month but it still counts. That was over 5 years ago now!  We got married about a year ago, on a hot July day. It was the best day of my life. Here are some pictures I am just sure you want to see ;)

   The idea for this blog came out of not being able to find much information on being a new wife. I decided that once I was married I would start my own and share my thoughts and tips on marriage and journey being a new wife.  Each Monday I have a Married Monday post that discuss whatever is on my mind about marriage. These can range from date night ideas to biblical roles in marriage. You can find these on the Marriage page.

   I am a complete food nerd. I love everything about food; from developing recipes to eating it and everything in between.  I graduated May 2014, with a BS in Food and Culinary Science from the University of Arkansas.  Food is my life, so I brought it here as well.  I will share my favorite recipes, tips, and tricks. These posts come out each Wednesday and some on Fridays. You can find them over on the Recipes page.

   I hope you enjoy my blog, I post each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Friday’s are my wild card day so you never know what I may be talking about, it could be another recipe, what we’ve been up to, or my recent craft adventures and anything in between. 

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